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1. Are people still joining and hooking up for NSA Sex during lockdown ?

Now more so than ever, it's everyone's dream to have a Fuck Buddy to enjoy lockdown with, even if only for a few discreet hours during the day !

2. Who can join ?

Anyone over 21, whether you are single or married as long as you reside in South Africa.

3. Do you have a cut off age or do you cater for the more mature crowd as well ?

We cater for everyone, from 20's through to 70's. Human beings remain sexually active and interested if they choose to, regardless of their age.

If you are in your 60's or 70's and reading this question, the fact that you are even on our website means that you still have plenty spark, so go ahead and join !

It is up to you to create an exciting enough profile that will attract the opposite sex and of course you need to have realistic expectations considering your age.

4. What is the difference between Silver & Gold Membership ?

Silver Membership is for 10 days or 1 month which is the minimum entry level, you are able to place your profile and wishlist other Members.

Gold Membership is for either 3 or 6 months, you are more able to spread your wings with this package and we will gift you 4 credits to get you started.

5. Why are there no Silver Members profiles visible in the Visitors Area ?

There are so few people who join Silver Membership for 10 days or 1 month so it isn't viable to place and remove that profile in the Visitors Area in such a short space of time.

6. How do I become a VIP Member ?

VIP Membership is only available to existing Members.

7. If I join one of your websites, do I become a Member for free on the other one ?

No. is a website catering ONLY for Personals anywhere in South Africa. is a website and Club catering to people who reside in Gauteng offering not only Personals but Parties as well.

The bottom line is if you live in Gauteng then join, if you live elsewhere in South Africa then join

8. I want to join but I am sceptical / nervous / shy / it is my first time / etc, what should I do ?

Don't join !

9. How long does it take after I make a payment before I receive my login details ?

You will receive your login details within 24 hours if you made a transfer from ABSA or a cash deposit, however an EFT from another bank (ie: Nedbank to ABSA) can take 2 to 3 working days to clear.

10. What happens to my personal information and is it given to anyone and where is it kept ?

Once you are a Member your pic and narrative is placed on the website, your e-mail address is kept in order for us to facilitate introductions, however once your Membership expires ALL your details are deleted from our PC's.

We do NOT keep / store ANY of your details or picture / s and none of your private information is ever kept on our servers.

Futhermore we do NOT randomly hand out anyone's details to anyone else, we respect your need for privacy just as we take our need for privacy seriously.

11. How do I go about meeting other Members ?

Members browse one another's profiles and then send in wishlists of who they would like to meet, this requires credits, when you join you will be gifted a couple to get you going, thereafter you can purchase more, but since your profile is on the site other Members will wishlist you costing you nothing further than your initial Membership fee.

Once someone is interested in meeting you and you are mutually keen, you will then advise us to give that person your e-mail address to make initial contact, that is the only time your details will be given out and only with your permission, this is our way of facilitating the introduction, thus ensuring your discretion.

12. How do I place my own profile ?

Once you are a Member you will find all the information in the Members Area.

13. Will my profile be removed from your website once my Membership expires ?

Yes, on the day your Membership expires we personally delete your pic, profile and your login details from our server as well as ALL your contact details from our pc's.

Our website is ALWAYS up to date, there are no expired profiles on the website.

14. Can I use an alias / pseudonym for my profile ?

Yes you are welcome to use any name you like to protect your anonymity.

15. Are all profile pics also blurred in the Members Area ?

Yes they are, thus guaranteeing your anonymity.

16. Do you do same sex Introductions ?

No we don't cater for Gays, Lesbians or Bisexuals.

17. Am I guaranteed of sex ?

No you are not guaranteed of sex, if someone doesn't like you they are not going to have sex with you !!

Unlike other automated dating websites, we strive to and take great pleasure in ensuring our Members meet their fantasy NSA partner or partners. From the time you join we will help you every step of the way, from creating your profile to making up wishlists and facilitating them.

At the end of the day it is really up to the opposite sex to want to meet you, so yes, that is what all our Members are looking for, anonymous nookie, no strings attached.

18. Are the profile pics for real ?

We trust our Members to provide us with their real pics, but should someone submit a false pic and it gets found out, that person will be barred from the website immediately.

Besides you really need to ask yourself why an individual would spend several hundred Rand on Membership only to submit a fake pic for us to load on the site, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and it is going to get them how far ?

19. Will my identity remain anonymous ?

Yes, absolutely 100%, your privacy is guaranteed from our end.

20. How secure are my personal details, where are they kept and who has access to them ?

Your details are kept in folders which are password protected and ONLY has access to them.

You can rest easy and be safe and secure in the knowledge that none of your details will ever get into the wrong hands because no personal information is stored on our server for nefarious individuals to get hold of.

21. Is colour / race an issue ?

We cater for all ethnicities, however personal preference prevails.

22. Are any of the people who advertise sex workers ?

NO, they are just people that are in touch with their sexuality and want to enjoy themselves. Escorts have their own websites that they advertise on.

23. What is your Refund Policy ?

Once you purchase Membership it is final and non refundable, there are "No Refunds", so ensure this is what you want before you pay for it.

We can however put your Membership on hold for a maximum period of up to 30 days until such time as you are ready to use it. Your only other option is to give your Membership to a friend as a gift.